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I have spent 13 days here at Westfield and really enjoyed my stay. The staff have been really marvelous, the nursing, catering, cleaners and admin have all been great. The care I've had has been outstanding, nothing is too much trouble for anyone day or night. The food has been very good, also my request for smaller portions have been taken care of. The room is also brilliant, I had a corner room with two windows so very bright. I told Sue the only thing missing was a sea view. Thanks to all.
- Phylis Frith - Respite Resident - 08/04/2014

My father came into Westfield Park Nursing Home for respite recently, and he has been happy and content due to the wonderful, caring staff there. He has been sleeping, eating and socialising so well during his stay.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Westfield Park.                  

- Neville Lewis, Son of Ian Lewis - 28/03/2014

I would like to thank everybody for looking after my Dad the way you do with kindness, patience and dignity and I know nothing is too much trouble. The Haven at Westfield Park has a homely feel in pleasant surroundings and the staff are friendly and helpful. Dad does not say alot these days but I can tell he is comfortable and relaxed more so than ever. He enjoys the food and lovely homemade baking that comes with a cup of tea.

- Grahame Davidson, Son of Ron Davidson - 24/03/2014

This special home offers a high standard of specialist expertise into its program of care for the residents. My Dad transferred from St Catherines Hospital and settled in very quickly thanks to the lovely staff who have supported him. The managers have made a considerable effort towards achieving a seamless care pathway for Dad with collaborative input from GP's and CPN's. Such measures of support have helped Dad, to feel HAPPY, to be more HEALTHY, and to be SAFE and SECURE in his new home.
Partnerships in his care plan are encouraged between staff, Dad and his family. On good days Dad helps outside with the chickens and garden tasks with supervision. Dad and his family are looking forward to building on the friendships and partnerships being made with other residents and the SPECIAL care teams at Westfield.

- Martha Wallis, Daughter of James McCarthy - 17/02/2014

Westfield Park is an amazing place. The building is beautiful, well designed and homely. As with all people-centred organisations it is only as good as the staff who run it and the staff there make it a very special place.
My Dad, who I adore, has Lewy-body Dementia with Parkinsonisms. Until recently I was his full-time carer and the prospect of Dad going into residential care was something we both dreaded. However as Dad's condition deteriorated, and I became more exhausted, it became obvious that we couldnt carry on as we were. Westfield Park was recommended and, after visiting, Dad went there, initially for respite care. I waited with baited breath, jumping every time the phone rang, expecting to be called to say he wasn't happy. Instead, when I rang I was assured that Dad was fine, happy and settled. And to our astonishment he was and continues to be. I can only attribute this to the kindness and care he receives.
Dad is more stimulated than he was at home because there is always something going on or someone to talk to, he has more freedom because the building is designed to be user-friendly and he loves the happy, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. He loves his room and chooses to spend time in there if he is tired or just wants to sit quietly or with visitors.
I am always made to feel welcome and part of Dad's life which, to me, is hugely important and reassuring. Something I dreaded has now, in reality, become a relief and I can sleep at night knowing that Dad is safe, happy settled, cared for and importantly, he is cared about and this is apparent every time I visit. For someone I love and care so much about, what more could I ask?

- Jane Wilson, Daughter of James Wilson - 13/01/2014

I was unable to cope at home so moved into Westfield Park and so far so good. I feel safe and comfortable and the environment is nice. I am very satsfied with the care I receive.

- Marie Lazenby - Resident - 04/12/2013

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